Patriot Day

11 Sep 2023

Patriot Day is a day to remember that we live in a “free country”. Patriotism should be practiced by all Americans. We seem to forget all too often, the responsibilities that come with the privilege of those freedoms. The Constitution and our Forefathers set the cornerstones for our way of life and wherever we see an American Flag flying, we know that those freedoms endure. Countries around the world will always call on us, as the world leader of liberty, as they dream about living in a country like ours. Patriot Day reminds us that we can never let our guard down as we know that there are those who will stoop to any means to disrupt our liberties, even by attacking and killing Americans, simply for being Americans. We will never forget and will forever honor our courageous first responders that came to the rescue and aid of the victims of just such an attack 22 years ago today. Many of those also became victims as they unselfishly sacrificed their lives in the hope of saving others. Americans are a peace loving people, but only with a strong and strategic military are we able to honor our commitment and our resolve to maintain our freedoms both here at home and, when called upon, around the world.

Let’s Honor and Remember Patriot Day together to recommit to Patriotism as being part of our lives so that our precious freedoms can be handed down to American generations that follow. Happy Patriot Day from your Friends at Paul Kott Realtors!

PKR Admin