4th of July

04 Jul 2024

America’s Independence Day observes the historic moment in time on July 4, 1776, when we declared our independence from British rule. Independence from a large and overreaching central form of government wherein individuals are controlled in all aspects by the State. Our independence that we celebrate allows the individual to be paramount in society; to live freely and to make decisions, within certain legal parameters, to help them and their families enjoy the God-given rights and values that we all cherish but sometimes take for granted. These freedoms, as expressed in our Constitution, Bill of Rights and Declaration of Independence, are the ones that propel all ideological values of American society. They are also the ones that need to be honored as the unwavering and unchangeable foundation on which this great nation was conceived. As we can all see, there are those today, some 248 years later, that wish to destroy the enduring principles of liberty, true democracy and the independence that we still enjoy as American citizens. Let us never forget where this came from and the incredible sacrifices that were made to achieve what is still known today as the greatest country in the world. Today, we honor the vision and courage of our Founding Fathers and ask that you take a moment to reflect on how fortunate we are to live in a country that allows us so many freedoms. May God continue to bless our wonderful country! Happy Birthday, America, long may she live! From your friends at Paul Kott Realtors!

PKR Admin